Enhanced Aeration for Wastewater Treatment

MoleaerTM  Nanobubble Generator

Moleaer nanobubble generators have the potential to provide the lowest OPEX aeration solution. As opposed to traditional aeration which relies on large HP blowers with diffusers or surface aerators to transfer oxygen into wastewater, Moleaer’s nanobubble generators can be installed in-line utilizing existing pumps to inject nanobubbles into passing water, or they can operate with their own dedicated pumps. In-line use means existing aeration systems can increase oxygen delivery without additional energy consumption. Traditional aerators consume considerable amounts of energy yet their oxygen transfer efciency is very low. They also generate turbulent and fast-rising bubbles that strip unwanted gases from wastewater and inhibit optimal aerobic digestion. Moleaer’s nanobubble injection method creates a low turbulent, oxygen-rich environment which enables aerobic bacteria to function more efficiently.

Moleaer’s nanobubble generators can be installed quickly with minimal retrotting, meaning there is no disruption to daily operations. They have a proven track record of reliability, are rated for 10+ years of continuous operations, and require minimal maintenance. The units are self-cleaning and do not foul or plug like traditional diffusers. They are mounted on the outside of a tank or on the bank of a lagoon, thus giving operators easy access and control of the unit. The generators can alternate between air and high purity oxygen depending on the given oxygen demand of the treatment system, and they can also be turned on and off to conserve energy when required.

Upgrade to Moleaer’s enhanced nanobubble aeration system today to boost treatment capacity without costly capital upgrades.

The Moleaer nanobubble aeration system is a novel, patent-pending method of injecting oxygen into water so as to enhance the biological treatment process, reduce off-gassing and lower treatment costs. A highly efficient, proprietary 2-phase gasification process saturates wastewater with dissolved oxygen and trillions of ~100nm-sized nanobubbles that provide a latent transfer of oxygen for days after the point of aeration.

Nanobubbles exhibit unique characteristics; due to their minute size and high internal pressure, they can remain stable in water for prolonged periods of time. Unlike micro bubbles that rise and burst quickly on the surface, nanobubbles have minimal buoyancy and can disperse throughout a body of water due to the principals of Brownian motion (see Figure 1). The longevity of the nanobubbles in water, combined with a larger interfacial surface area, signicantly increases their oxygen transfer capacity well beyond traditional aeration systems.

Moleaer’s nanobubbles can be injected at any depth and oxygenate the entire column of water including the bottom sludge layer that requires oxygen to support aerobic breakdown and conversion of nutrient.

• Stainless or PVC
• All parts ANSI standard
• Customization available