Moleaer’s XTB nanobubble generators transfer any gas into any liquid with near perfect efficiency. The system does this via a unique two phase gas transfer system that both saturates a liquid with both dissolved gas and trillions of nanobubbles in the 70-100 nm range providing greater than 200x the interfacial surface area compared to micro bubbles. Nanobubble aeration has a distinct advantage over traditional aeration since the nanobubbles remain in suspension for prolonged periods of time, creating a reserve of available gas in the liquid.  This low turbulent, gas diffusion process results in the most efficient method to enhance the performance and functionality of any type of liquid.


  • Wastewater Treatment
  • MBRs / SBRs/ DAFs
  • Aquaculture
  • Hydroponics
  • Irrigation
  • Sterilization

Available in a variety of configurations, the Moleaer XTB Generators were designed for durable operation, easy installation and straightforward control. The unit has no moving parts and customers can select between open and enclosed pump configurations, making the XTB a truly plug-and-play system.


  • > 90% standard oxygen transfer efficiency (“SOTE”)
  • ~ 100nm in size
  • Smallest size bubbles creating 200x the interfacial surface area compared to micro bubbles
  • Highest concentration of bubbles per cm3 ( >100M bubbles/cm3 )
  • Nanobubbles stay suspended in water after solution reaches saturation
  • Increases water’s capacity to hold a given gas
  • Low-turbulent gas diffusion
  • Reduces the density of water, therefore reducing friction


  • 25XTB – 25 gallons per minute / 94.5 liters per minute
  • 50XTB – 50 gallons per minute / 189 liters per minute
  • 100XTB – 100 gallons per minute / 378 liters per minute
  • 200XTB – 200 gallons per minute / 757 liters per minute