Oxygen Nanobubble Drinking Water

Water injected with oxygen nanobubbles and  fed to various farm raised animals has consistently demonstrated to have very positive  effects on animal health. Consumption of the  water on a regular basis appears to lower  animal stress levels which improves feeding  efficiencies and results in faster growth rates.

Any animal can benefit from the drinking the  water, this includes chickens, cows, horses, pigs or turkeys. Pigs fed with nanobubble water have been recorded to have the following biological effects on the body:

  • Improved Blood Flow

  • Increased Growth Hormone Secretion

  • Increased Neurotransmitter Secretion

  • Reduced Stress Levels

These biological improvements resulted in:

  • Lower Mortality Rates

  • Less Biting

  • Less Infectious Diseases

  • Better Reproduction

Nanobubbles have a broad range of  potential benefits in animal husbandry. Some of these might include:

  • Enhanced Stamina

  • Increased Milk Production

  • More Successful Fertility Programs

  • Enhanced Growth Rates