Nanobubble Cleaning Solutions

Spoilage and contamination of food wastes millions of dollars every year. Pathogens, viruses and chemical residues can pose a major health risk with recalls causing devastating effects on the processors and packers. To achieve a more efficient use of total food produced, there is a requirement for enhanced processing methods to improve food security and preservation of produce.

A Moleaer XTB Ozone system is a highly effective technology for washing, sanitizing and preserving food. Through a propriety design, the Moleaer system combines the powerful effects of ozone microbubbles and oxygen nanobubbles into a unique dual phase transfer system.

Billions of microscopic oxygen nanobubbles mix with the ozone bubbles and generate free radicals creating a powerful Advanced Oxidation Process that can break down volatile organic compounds trapped on the surface of food. It’s the proprietary combination of these powerful oxidizers that makes the Moleaer XTB Ozone system many times more effective than any other standalone ozone generator, UV or chemical dosing system on the market. The uses for this technology can be broken down into:

Food Sanitizing
The persistence of pathogens like the norovirus in oysters or e-coli in spinach or listeria in frozen vegetables is a major issue for processors around the world. Sickness or death from the consumption of contaminated food can be catastrophic. Chemical treatments are not practical or desirable as they can affect the taste and quality of the products. Ozone and oxygen nanobubbles have been demonstrated to be highly effective in eliminating these pathogens while simultaneously enhancing the shelf life. Additionally, the negatively charged nanobubbles help remove and destroy organics and pathogens from the surface of the food.

Pesticide Removal 
Produce washing tanks are injected with oxygen nanobubbles and ozone to help generate hydroxyl radicals. The combination of these oxidizers in solution have demonstrated to be very effective at breaking down volatile organic compounds like phenols that are commonly found in pesticides and herbicides residues on produce.

Produce Cleaning and Preservation

In many cases nanobubbles can replace the use of cleaning chemicals all together. Billions of nanobubbles smaller than 100 nm in size suspended in an aqueous solution are very effective at removing particulates from the surface of produce due to the nanobubbles natural negative charge. Additionally, the Moleaer XTB system can work with any feed gas to generate nanobubbles and when oxygen in not desired, nitrogen can be used to prevent oxidation.

pH Adjustment
While the use of CO2 for pH adjustment is common in various industries, the advantage of using the Moleaer XTB system is its near perfect transfer efficiency. Rather than losing the bulk of the CO2 gas through off gassing with a traditional system, Moleaer converts the bulk of the gas into nanobubbles which can remain in suspension for significantly longer periods of time, creating a more effective pH regulating tool. Moleaer XTB systems enables the safe and most efficient adjustment of pH levels in liquids utilizing CO2 without the hassle of handling and managing hazardous chemicals.