Growth-Promoting Irrigation Water

MoleaerTM  Nanobubble Generator

The ‘patent-pending’ Moleaer nanobubble generator is a fantastic complement to any irrigation system. Moleaer generators alter the composition of irrigation water in a unique two-phase oxygen transfer process to enhance the growth-promotion properties of water. Moleaer generators are typically installed in-line, allowing the system to infuse trillions of ultrane nanobubbles into the passing stream. This mechanism rapidly shears off dissolved oxygen into the water and saturates it with oxygen in both nanobubble and dissolved form. This combination is highly effective at delivering oxygen through long distances in irrigation lines
and directly to the plant’s roots where it is needed.

Studies have demonstrated that high soil temperature is one of the primary causes of root rot. Yet, irrigation with Moleaer’s oxygenated nanobubble water under the same conditions is able to accelerate plant growth rates and eliminate root rot.

Moleaer systems can also be equipped with ozone (O3) to help treat biofilm build-up in piping and eliminate the need for expensive chemicals. The scouring oxygen-enriched nanobubbles, together with a sanitizing dose of ozone, is a highly effective way at eliminating biofilm and treating problematic distribution systems that have impeded throughput.

Oxygen plays a vital role in plant respiration – a process used to generate energy and growth. Maximizing the oxygen saturation in water helps improve (feeder) root structure and activate beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere. More feeder roots result in better nutrient uptake, increased growth and overall improvement in plant health.

In nature, a raindrop accumulates oxygen from the air as it travels downwards. As it penetrates the soil, it delivers a healthy dose of growth-promoting oxygen to a plant’s root system. Groundwater, by comparison, has very low levels of oxygen and when used for irrigation, does not vigorously enhance plant growth in the same way as rainwater; groundwater simply doesn’t have the same vital properties.

An effective and practical delivery system of increasing the oxygen saturation in irrigation water naturally enhances plant growth. Adding dissolved oxygen alone is not an effective approach because it can quickly become consumed by biofilm in piping. However, the addition of nanobubbles overcomes the wasting of dissolved oxygen in the distribution system, and because nanobubbles have no buoyancy, they can remain stable and suspended in water for prolonged periods of time even in high temperatures. Nanobubbles transfer their oxygen to the water when the dissolved oxygen drops below an optimal level.