Rejuvinating Nanobubble Aeration

Adequate dissolved oxygen in water is a critical component to sustaining healthy ecosystems in lakes and ponds. Yet decades of herbicide use, fertilizer runoff, storm water pollution and septic tank leakage deplete oxygen levels in water and cause a debilitating chain reaction in the water. Nutrients in the water stimulate algae to bloom creating a high demand for the available oxygen in the water. As weeds and algae die, they sink and drop to the bottom where they decay and consume the last of the remaining oxygen. When the dissolved oxygen is gone, the partially decayed matter turns into septic muck, creating a dead zone on the lake-bottom. The muck becomes a nutrient-laden anaerobic compost pile that feeds the next cycle of explosive weed and algae growth. It’s a vicious cycle that is slowly kills a water body.

Doing nothing is not an option but unfortunately most conventional forms of treatment fall well short of providing sustainable restoration. The principal of remediation however is straightforward – get lakes and ponds breathing again by boosting the dissolved oxygen in the water, especially in the lower levels. This in turn boosts a lake or ponds capacity to process nutrients again thereby abating the flourishment of weeds and algae.

Moleaer XTB nanobubble systems regenerate aquatic environments faster than any conventional treatment on the market. It’s able to do this because it has a fundamental advantage in delivering cost effective dissolved oxygen with high saturation levels and wide disbursement capacities. In a continuous flow, Moleaer XTB generators injects nano sized air bubbles into the water body with minimal energy but maximum efficiency. Unlike all other forms of aeration that produce micro or macro bubbles, nanobubbles don’t rise and burst on the surface. Rather they remain saturated in the water for prolonged periods of time where they can mix throughout the water column. In doing so, the nanobubbles accelerate nature’s own restorative cleaning process by:

  • Increasing beneficial the activity of aerobic microorganisms on the lake-bottom that help consume sludge and reduce sludge levels.

  • Reducing phosphorus and nitrogen levels through nutrient conversion thereby restricting weed and algae growth stimulation

  •  Increasing populations of beneficial aquatic larvae and insects who in turn feed fish and encourage healthy populations.

  • Killing anaerobic and pathogenic microorganism that produce acids and foul smelling gases.

Moleaer XTB nanobubble systems are driven by a small pump and compressor and are installed on the edge of the water body. It has a tiny footprint, is quite to run and consumes only a small amount of energy. Water is drawn up from the lake or pond and pumped in through the system where it is injected with nanobubbles and then pumped back into the water body at a selected discharge point – ideally at an inlet if there is one. Larger bodies of water require multiple units in different location to provide adequate treatment and disbursement of the nanobubbles. The larger Moleaer XTB nanobubble generators are capable of treating 200 gallons per minute.

Typical Improvements in the Ponds and Lakes Include:

  • Improved water clarity

  • Increased aquatic activity

  • Up to 45% reductions in Eurasian Water Milfoil and Curly-leaf Pond weed in 3 months

  • Over 50% reductions in harmful blue-green algae blooms

Up to 18” of sludge / muck level reductions in one season.