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Moleaer™ (Latin for “tiny air”) is the first company to leverage the unique properties of nanobubbles at industrial-scale.


To leverage nanobubbles to unlock the full potential of oxygen for water treatment and crop production.


We integrate nano-scale materials into proprietary technologies to deliver next-generation solutions for transferring gas into liquids.


Our plug-and-play XTB Nanobubble Generator and nanoBoost enhance the performance and modify the functionality of liquids for a wide variety of applications ranging from wastewater treatment to plant growth enhancement.

Our Team

Nicholas Dyner – Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Dyner joined Moleaer as Chief Executive Officer in 2017 and brought with him over 13 years of experience in water treatment. Prior to Moleaer, Nicholas led the global sales and marketing efforts of LG Chem Water Solutions, established by Korean chemical giant LG Chem when they acquired the membrane manufacturer, NanoH2O, where he served as the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He also previously held the role of Global Product Manager for GE Water & Process Technologies. Nicholas is a graduate from Cornell University in New York, USA.

Bruce Scholten – Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Bruce Scholten brings over 25 years of experience in chemicals and equipment within the water and wastewater treatment industries. In 2002, he founded SoCal Water, a company focused on after-market service of existing industrial and wastewater facilities. Bruce is a graduate of California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor’s in Engineering, and earned his MBA from the University Southern California.

Warren Russell – Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer
Warren Russell is an experienced business entrepreneur with over 15 years of business management experience within the wastewater treatment and environmental services industries of Southern Africa and the Middle East. Prior to leading the commercial efforts for Moleaer, Warren founded Erogfit USA and Evadine Technologies which focused on environmental consulting and designing of wastewater treatment processes for municipal, industrial, oil and gas applications. Warren is graduate of the University of South Africa.

Our Investors

In 2017, Moleaer completed its capital raise led by Rusheen Capital Management, together with other water industry veterans.

In 2018, Energy Innovation Capital lead a Series A investment in Moleaer. EIC is the premier capital provider to energy innovators and is building a platform for entrepreneurs to drive Silicon Valley innovation in the global oil, gas and energy industries.


Moleaer is always looking for enthusiastic, talented and innovative individuals to join our team.